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Typing tutor that will teach you touch typying with fewer error.

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Easy to learn

The complexity of the lessons KeyKey changes automatically depending on your success. The fewer mistakes you make, the more difficult it becomes. And vice versa — if errors occur, the line will become easier.

Smart keyboard

Virtual keyboard KeyKey — your main assistant. It tells how to place your hands when typing and which key to press at the moment.

Right words

Words and their length in KeyKey special. This is the result of the analysis of more than 3,000 books and articles, from which we selected the most common expressions. In the initial difficulty you learn to recruit the most popular words and letter combinations, but died success in training line appear more rare words.

What is it for

To stop struggling with the process of putting together letters and words. When you can type quickly and correctly, you get huge satisfaction in your writing. Few weeks of practice and you will type much faster than you can write with a pen.

How it works

The exercise provided is the result of analysis of hundreds books and articles. At the primary level the string is formed with simple words and characters. It becomes more challenging as you successfully progress forward. If you fancy yourself an expert in touch typing, select "Expert mode".

How long will it take

People who spend about 15 minutes per day on this training will be able to type more than 60 words per minute in just a few weeks. Just remember to train regularly, use correct fingers, and you will become a keyboard ninja in a blink!




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